Go the distance to beat terrorists

WHAT a bad couple of days the other week for all organisers of public events, not just marathons.

It was sad to see a runner die in the Brighton Marathon. But at least he was doing what he wanted to do at the time, and every effort was made to save him.

We have been fortunate at Hastings that we have saved three runners from dying by good medical treatment in time and also diagnosing a hidden heart problem.

The Boston Marathon bombing was terrible. If terrorists are going to target public events of any nature, then nowhere is safe. As a race organiser it is a nightmare to think of how to prevent this type of action.

We feel safe these days flying and going to big stadiums, but with so many large open events going on in the public domain, they look as if they have become ‘soft targets’.

We must not give in to terrorists, and continue to support our events that are open to all.


Race director,

Hastings Half Marathon