Give free travel around Hastings to ease traffic

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Elizabeth Jones, Stonefield Road, Hastings

I think we should have free bus travel for everyone under 25 and over 60, and half price travel for everyone aged 25 to 59 who is in a household in which no one owns a car.

I think that people who go to work, school or college should be allowed to travel to work, school or college by bus for free or half price before 9.30am. Parents of primary school children should be allowed to travel free if they travel with their children by bus to and from school.

Later on, we could have free bus travel after 9.30am for everyone.

This would result in a very big fall in congestion, pollution and road building.

Global warming would be slightly less bad then it would otherwise be and homelessness would be prevented in many cases.

I think we also need bus regulation and I think bus companies should be forced to maintain buses properly and replace them when they are too old to be reliable.

Congestion in Bexhill Road is predicted to get worse and when a new road is built, congestion always returns sooner or later.

I think it might be the case that in 10 years’ time, many motorists who live in and near Bexhill Road, will think that the benefits of bus lanes outweigh the disadvantages.

I hope there will soon be more frequent buses in Bexhill Road.