Ghost shop outcome was to be expected

WELL, most people knew it would happen, and the only people who appear not to have seen it coming were the planners and the borough council who took Asda’s ‘shilling’.

The Silverhill Co-op is a ghost shop, takings down in all the Silverhill shops except the hardware shop, (simply because Asda does not sell hardware), Sainsbury’s checkouts halved and the car park half-empty. The only supermarket maintaining it position is Morrisons in its good central position.

Research must have been done on a ‘fag packet’ as any fool could see that we had enough supermarkets without jamming Asda into Silverhill, a nice self-contained little community.

Morrisons will probably be the only other supermarket to survive in tact while pressure builds on the well-valued stores who do adequately serve the town. Another ‘Jerwood’ decision by councillors while ‘in town’ shops are closing one after another.


Park View