Getting us out of a not so fine mess

WE humbly request this letter of thanks to all those frontline street wardens and cleaning crews and their managers.

We recently decided to use the online dog mess reporting scheme having repeatedly witnessed an irresponsible dog owner failing to pick up and the article in the Observer (January 20) where the lady broke her ankle slipping on dog mess.

Our actions prompted by similar ‘Close encounters of the Turd Kind’, we were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of action along the chain of command.

Add to this the fact that the street cleaning department rapidly vectored in to deal with removing identified offending piles.

In our case the pavements were cleared of mess in less than three working days and this was noticed and commented upon by a regular visitor who was not aware of our report.

In times where nationally ‘getting the job done’ is marred in some areas by overburdening red tape, we are delighted to report that our experience has been very positive and we are very grateful that Hastings Borough Council has a fast, diligent and professional team in its service.

We applaud the hard hitting scheme and its imaginative posters and urge others to use it to help us all in creating and maintaining a cleaner town.

We have to personally become the society we wish for. Having lived here for decades, we are noticing many improvements especially as of late.

Well done everyone. Keep it up.


Markwick Terrace

St Leonards



Brittany Road

St Leonards