‘Get wise’ to al the lido pitfalls

HAVEN’T we been down this road before, only at White Rock Gardens, east side?

Who else remembers just a few years ago, the proposed new bathing pool, the developer, after obtaining planning permission, suddenly realising it would only pay them if they also had a Burger King on site.

When the council said yes. Oh yes. That will not pay either, they then sought to have a drive-through McDonald’s.

Our planners agreed but lo and behold, this would not pay either so a demand comes in for, wait for it, a casino.

Fortunately, with a change of council the lot was squashed. Can you imagine it? Two fast-food centres in our beautiful White Rock Gardens?

Who can afford to visit a casino?

Just what will a developer produce with just £1 million?

Come on, councillors get wise to what could go wrong?

A new leisure and entertainment complex, a restaurant: We already have too many. A bar: We already have so many closed pubs in the town, and just how long could a further one remain open?

Oh, and what about the amusements in the Old Town, already so empty of clients every time I pass?

Sun decks: We have approximately one mile of them on the lower decks of the promenade, from Warrior Square to the Royal Victoria Hotel and eastwards, from Warrior Square to White Rock.

A sea-viewing tower: Now that’s a novelty, we have two beautiful such sports, the East and West Hills and Fairlight.

A shop for water sports: We already have them and this is not California.

A shower room: Yes, we see these abroad in the hot sunny climates but I fail to see their use in Costa Del Hastings as much as I love my birthplace.

Parking: how much?

A community garden: In case you have forgotten councillors we have the wonderful Alexandra Park, Linton Gardens, Gensing Gardens, St Leonards Gardens, Fairlight and the Firehills, and White Rock Gardens.

Just how many of this planning committee are native Hastings?

Need I say more?


Park Avenue