Get noticed - send a Tweet instead!

TWITTER it would seem is a far more direct way to get complaints heard and almost get something done.

I tweeted to Amber Rudd about a lack of anyone from her party contacting me re the elections. Someone did but without disrespect to Amber he was absolutely useless.

Next was a tweet to Hastings police about begging outside of the Londis shop in Normon Road, St Leonards. I appreciate that they have more important things to deal with but they let this nuisance continue with just ‘moving them on’ being their motto. Just move the nuisance until it returns to the same place.

My wife counted ten ‘drunks’ outside the shop, including begging. Come on Hastings Police. Solve it. There is a Vagrancy Act and local bylaws that can be invoked. These people spill out on to the road.

Are we waiting for an accident to attract the right attention?

Finally I myself was nearly run over while playing crazy golf at the top of Dane Road on Sunday. I suddenly realised that the large holes in the road weren’t for would be golfers, rather people wanting to damage their cars in the potholes there and all across the town. Wake up council before there is a fatality.

How’s that for three complaints in one letter. At least I was able to Tweet that the Hastings Observer is becoming better value for money and the layout of the paper isn’t that bad after all.


Dane Road

St Leonards