Gentleman George’s big moment with Churchill

A MEETING in the bunker with Churchill himself, and a word of approval from the Prime Minister, formed part of George Davies’s war service.

As part of the military back-up on Salisbury Plain where vital war winning devices such as the channel oil pipeline and the flail tank were developed, he had to sign the Official Secrets Act.

Once he was entrusted with an urgent report to deliver to Churchill personally and wait for a reply.

As he stood rigidly at attention the PM’s Chief of Staff, General Ismay, asked: “What are you working on now, Sergeant?”

“I am sorry, Sir, I can’t tell you that”, said George firmly.

“Pug, Pug,” said Churchill, looking up and chuckling, “You ought to know better than ask the sergeant a question like that!”

George was the most charming of men.

He was the highly respected president of the Chamber of Commerce for a long time and his advice and wisdom made a major contribution to the life of Hastings.


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