Generous shoppers boost Uganda trip

I WOULD like to thank all the staff and customers of Asda, Silverhill who gave generously when I bag-packed at the checkouts recently ahead of my trip to Uganda.

£85.10 was raised in total and will go along way in Uganda.

Seven years ago while in church I heard a missionary couple from Hailsham speak of their experiences while on their first trip to what Winston Churchill dubbed ‘The pearl of Africa’.

They recounted the story of five-year-old Mary whose parents, brothers and sisters all died of malaria caused by mosquito bites.

Mary went to live with her grandparents but sadly she also contracted malaria. The initial treatment there would have cost just 30p but tragically the family were the same as many other poverty-stricken ones in Uganda, and did not have even 30p. Mary died.

During my three-week stay I will be with a team of 10 from churches all over the UK.

We will be humbled to feed the needy, helping start up projects to help the local poor become more self-sufficient, stocking up AIDS clinics and visiting hospitals, prisons and schools.

So the money raised goes direct to the point of need and will go a long way to help alleviate some of the suffering.

To celebrate my trip, on my return I will be reading the gospels from my 120-year-old King James family Bible at Holy Trinity Church, Robertson Street from 10am to noon on Saturday, February 25 and all are welcome to come along, though you are advised to wrap up warm. Thanks again from me, a humbled local church-goer.


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