Gas a concern for vulnerable people

I REALLY do worry about the old and frail and vulnerable in our society, families I represent in Hollington and Wishing Tree are some of those people that will be affected in the future.

I am hoping we can all work together to highlight ahead of the winter some of the issues people will face in just a few months time.

With utility companies charging more and more for fuel it is likely that more and more people will go into debt as a result.

British Gas is making huge profits for its shareholders while the old and vulnerable and indeed young families are all facing financial hardship as a result.

Fuel poverty is already a reality for some and looks likely to increase in the future.

British Gas and other fuel providers need to work with families to ensure that they do not face future winters of being cold in their homes because the fuel is simply not affordable. Older people who regularly put extra clothing on because they cannot afford to heat their homes is becoming far too familiar a story. Fuel providers should work out tariffs that reflect the need of some older people and families where incomes are low.

It’s a disgrace that in this day and age companies such as British Gas can make the vast amounts of profit without considering the needs of the most vulnerable in our society. Of course fuel providers need to reinvest for the future of the industry and we all understand that but at what cost? More likely than not generations of people who will face real financial hardship as a result.


Hastings Borough Council