Game plan needed

I WAS delighted to read the reports over the weekend of just how well our footballers played in Middlesbrough.They passed and battled, and by all accounts were fantastic ambassadors for Hastings. So a big thank you to them – they are a credit to the club and the town.

May I also lend my support to Dave Walters and his plea for a plan which all the major decision-makers in the town can own on the future of the football club.

The leader of the council, in my humble opinion, ought to have a bit more imagination than to say sorry, there is no housing allocation for the Pilot Field in the Local Development Plan (as he did in your paper a couple of weeks ago).

Notwithstanding the fact that this should have already been thought about before United’s stellar FA Cup run, there are still negotiations going on about the Local Development Plan with the Inspector.

Many people quite rightly want Robsack Wood excluded from development. So surely there is time to add things to the plan?

Why not have a brainstorm quickly about selling the Pilot Field and The Firs and creating a project that the community can support – not just housing there, but perhaps those missing playing fields for the college and the university? What about the Greenway Project – could that not be part of this?

What about all the economic competence that Labour claims it has? Here is a good opportunity to show it.

This landslide council has failed, so far, to show that it really understands the important role that sport can play in regenerating communities and engaging hard-to-reach groups.

May I humbly suggest that it pulls its finger out and meets with Mr Walters as soon as possible.


Parliamentary spokesman

Hastings and Rye Lib Dems