Gallery is fine, but it’s wrongly located

I SEE in the Observer (April 13) Richard Scott asks why so many people are anti-Jerwood.

It’s not that we’re against the gallery Mr Scott, just its location.

I also read that the Observer asks what can be done to prevent gridlock in the Old Town. They say hindsight’s a great thing. So is foresight.

Many local residents foresaw the traffic problems caused by the increase in people coming to the Old Town now it has the magnificent Jerwood Gallery.

To many of us the solution was very easy. We should have convinced the Jerwood to put its beautiful building along by the old bathing pool with ample parking for cars and coaches.

This would have alleviated the traffic problems in the Old Town and regenerated St Leonards.

Here we could have had a cycle hire shop and one on The Stade enabling visitors to cycle along our picturesque promenade to the Old Town. We could have had a coach running all day along the seafront taking visitors from the Jerwood to the Old Town and vice versa, stopping only at the pier.

This would have solved the parking problems surrounding the pier and made its reconstruction a more viable proposition. Anything else you want to know?


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