Gallery delay has forced coaches out

SO the spokesman for the council, Kevin Boorman does not think that the five-month delay in the opening of the Jerwood Gallery will ‘not have a significant impact’ on local business in the area.

For the last two-and-a-half years we have been told that this project was going to regenerate the whole area, but all it has done so far is to drive away the coach trade so much so that the two coach marshals are no longer needed to organise the setting down and pick up bays.

The coaches from the Eastbourne hotels who used to call in at The Stade when they were on their 1066 Country Tours no longer stop in Hastings.

Thursday used to be one of the busiest days when the Eastbourne coaches called at The Stade on their way back from Rye market, they don’t stop here now because there is no coach park.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening The Stade car park and coach park at this time of the year was full of parked cars, some were local residents of the Old Town but by far the majority were holiday makers spending money in the Old Town.

Now The Stade stands empty and desolate, the information centre has gone but we do have a nice new toilet block, however you can’t park to use it.

I read that The Stade coach park and car park used to generate an income of £70,000. I may be wrong but it is perfectly obvious that it is now not earning one brass farthing.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if you can’t park you can’t spend your money.


East Parade