Gallery a sore point amongst local people

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DON’T you just love a good story where the council is slammed again for its inappropriate ways of spending money especially when it is on a project that a large proportion of local people don’t even want. Yes I, of course, am referring to The Stade including Jerwood.

What the council has done here is the equivalent of the MPs’ expenses fiddle, not for personal use obviously, but quietly trying to finance electrical supply problems and hoping that it would go unnoticed but of course it hasn’t, thanks to the Observer and Richard Gladstone’s excellent front-page story.

I have tried to ignore the whole Jerwood debate but this totally unfounded expenditure of public money has left a bad taste in my mouth and I already don’t like or trust the current council and this just adds to it.

What else does it cover up and hope it will go away? I feel that the council should be ashamed of itself and come clean about any other errors.

But it still has a few options. It could issue a torch to each visitor to the exhibitions but that wouldn’t work as the council would divert funds to buy the batteries.

It could have tours by candle light or when the exhibitions flop admit that it has made a mistake.

I hope the buildings will be clearly marked, as personally I can’t see the difference between Jerwood or the public toilet.

Every time I think of Jerwood I can’t help thinking of the pop duo Jedward. The two have something in common. They both make your hair stand on end.

Own up Hastings Borough Council. You’ve been caught with your pants down. Apologise and do something to restore public trust before you are cursed.

The council has a habit of destroying business with its useless schemes. After all it has turned Kings Road in St Leonards into a ghost town.


Dane Road

St Leonards