Gallery a sore point amongst local people

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I AM interested to read of the tiny bit of land which is causing problems at the Jerwood site.

We recently sold our house in the Old Town. At the last minute a solicitor noticed a piece of land a bit over a yard square on the boundary between our house and next door, marked ‘communal’ on the deeds.

It had been the site of an outside loo serving both properties.

This caused no end of fuss; a surveyor had to re-measure the boundaries, the Land Registry had to be consulted, and I had to make a Statutory Declaration as to the use of our half of the land (not as a loo) for the last 10 years.

We did not trouble about this bit of land when we bought. However things have become stricter recently. So anyone in the Old Town should get their boundaries verified before embarking on a sale.

The council should have done the same before Jerwood started, as various people have said in your paper.


Holmesdale Gardens