Fully-functioning theatre is a must

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters
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From: Molly Townson, Chairman, Hastings International Musical Festival. Kenneth Roberts, Conductor, Opera South East. Wendy Hamed, Chairman, The Hastleons. Judy Appleyard, Hastings Philharmonic Choir. Pauline Ash and David Hooper, Laton Ash Dance

We, the undersigned, promoters of some of the town’s annual and highly successful events at the White Rock Theatre over many years, write to express our dismay and deep concerns at hearing of the council’s considerations regarding the White Rock Theatre, and would like to be assured that we shall continue to have a theatre in which to stage our many cultural events in a town that is known for its love of and involvement in the performing arts.

The development of other smaller concert venues is always heartening, but we trust that the council realises the necessity of a fully functioning professionally managed theatre with an audience capacity already shown to be needed in our town, and furthermore that your suggested time-scale does not allow for our forward planning of events.