Fruit trees? Away with these terrible disgusting things!

I HAVE been following the story ‘Allotment owner slams council over court battle” (Observer, February 18).

All I can say is, let’s spend as much tax money as possible getting rid of this terrible fruit tree menace.

Never mind if it costs the price of several hospital beds, people end up laid off or roads remain full of pot holes as a result, at least we will have eradicated those terrible disgusting fruit trees, and that ugly fruit which we all hate. It’s not as if we are facing cutbacks, or anything.

Use everything you’ve got to force that man to dig up those trees and get out. Serves him right. I mean, fruit trees – how dare he?

And once the council has dispensed with this one, there are a few children in a sandbox I spotted, which they could focus on evicting.


Plynlimmon Road