Frederick Road problem has lasted years

I THINK I could be forgiven for having a distinct feeling of deja vu when I read the article in last week’s Observer calling for ‘drivers to cut speed on Ore’s notorious rat-run’. (Frederick Road).

It is now some 17 years since Frederick Road became the first road in Hastings to acquire ‘speed cushions’ which were installed to slow down the traffic using the road as a cut-through.

I was the local councillor for the area at the time and the Labour-led borough council decided to contribute towards such highways improvements as they were not forthcoming from the county council. It seems to me that life has gone full circle with some speed cushions having been removed and surprise!surprise! the return of the original problem!

20 mph mones are only as good as their enforcement and surely it would be quicker, simpler and cheaper to reinstall the missing cushions which reduced traffic speed in Frederick Road quite satisfactorily for many a long year?.


All Saints Street