Foxes don’t only steal golf balls...

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Eric Hardwick MBE, Harley Shute Road, St Leonards

Foxes do take them, as indeed do crows, when at certain times of the year they take golf balls from the golf course fairways and hide them for food later.

But the story I have to tell amazed me.

Earlier this summer, after an afternoon and evening in our garden at home, my wife and I came indoors. But I could not find my mobile phone anywhere. We searched the house, the car, the golf bag and garden to no avail.

So we did the next normal thing and I stood at the back door as my wife dialed my mobile number from the house phone.

What happened next was incredible! A fox came running out from the back of our garden with the sounds of my phone ring music ’Chariots of Fire’ blaring away. Shades of runners running along the sands at Broadstairs! The fox did not seem to like my choice of music and halfway across the lawn dropped something from his mouth and disappeared.

Yes it was my phone, with the casing well nibbled at.

We have noticed in the past foxes will pick up food near our back door and immediately run to the back of the garden to eat at their leisure, so this is what must have happened, only for the fox to find it inedible,and not even like my music!

Amazing things do happen, I just wish I’d had my phone/camera to hand to film it!