Former mayor is a hard act to follow

REFERRING to your article on Richard Stevens standing down as Liberal Democrat Councillor for Old Hastings (Observer, January 20), may I take this opportunity to thank Councillor Stevens for his tireless work for the people of Hastings.

As Mayor, borough councillor and parliamentary candidate, Richard will be a hard act to follow.

Richard underlines that 20 per cent of the borough voted Lib Dem in the last local elections, the council should reflect the will of those people and that is something I shall campaign for in Old Hastings this coming May.

Decision-making needs to be more open and inclusive.

Twenty years of teaching in Hastings (Hillcrest and Helenswood) have shown me how great the potential is in this town as well as how much better the council needs to be to make it happen.

Old Hastings is a precious part of our town. Beautiful it is, but the most important thing is that people have jobs, live in safe and clean streets and are represented responsibly in the council and that includes working with other parties for the good of the town in general and Old Hastings in particular.

A big well done and thank you to Richard Stevens, and I hope to be able to carry on his good work for the people of Old Hastings after the May elections.


Liberal Democrat candidate

for Old Hastings