Footnote to school row over plimsolls

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I WRITE with regard to the article by Richard Gladstone ‘Mums see red over school ban on black pimsolls’ in the Observer (March 16).

I note and understand that education is for knowledge. Being singled out, being placed in isolation, being sent home or made to wear other children’s shoes if the pupil does not have

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the right pair of shoes in the eyes of school policy surely has its own problems.

Education is not just academic. It is fitting in.

If a child or teenager is isolated, singled out or sent home because of shoes – especially if seemingly being allowed to wear black plimsolls i.e. shoes that protect their feet – then it may have a social impact on their lives.

Social interaction is also part of education, although I have always stated that if someone is to learn happily, especially with the impact that the Government wishes, then comfort in clothing is also necessary.

With regards the comments from headteacher John Court, in my school years, plimsolls were worn in school if shoes were wet.


Stonehouse Drive

St Leonards