Food for thought

BRYAN Fellowes’ letter in the Observer (January 4) talks about an unused Conference and Industrial Centre site at Queensway remaining unused.

Bryan, you need to get your facts right. You obviously havn’t been to the wonderful Sussex Exchange restaurant with panoramic tree top views, not a house or building in sight to spoil the ambiance of a perfect venue.

I went there in December with friends and the restaurant was full and was buzzing with festive atmosphere. The food was beautifully prepared and delicious and I understand that all the food and wine is locally sourced.

While I was there I had a quick look round and discovered conference and meeting rooms and a cinema all beautifully decorated as well as outside decking and a long balcony with tables and chairs.

After reading your letter I made further enquiries and discovered that three out of the four sites that Bryan refers to are up and running. Bryan suggests otherwise? I don’t think you’ve been there, have you Bryan?

I suggest Bryan visits Sussex Exchange as I believe he will feel the need to eat his words or book a table and eat a gourmet meal instead at Hastings and St. Leonards best kept secret. Ssh don’t tell anyone they’ll all want to go.


St Vincents Road

St Leonards