Fond childhood memories return

REGARDING the Lido being given a resounding ‘yes’ by town planners, I can remember as a child, having been born in Hastings, my father loved to take us to St Leonards, either the beach, or the Bathing Pool as I knew it then.

I used to love visiting the area, as it was so different and appealing. I grew up in Ore, so travelling to this area was great.

As I grew, life changed, the Bathing Pool closed and as the newspaper article in the Observer (March 2), the Pebsham tip, the main A259 road, and the eyesore once called MFI, have all been factors that have downgraded the area.

It is good that plans to build a new leisure and entertaining complex are to go ahead, with a new restaurant, shop selling water sports equipment, cycling facilities, parking and community garden.

Maybe I missed the artist’s impression in the Observer but being an artist I expect the life and times of the past would have risen to the life and times of the present, ready for the future.


Stonehouse Drive

St Le onards