First World War Memorial needed

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DURING a recent return visit to my family home in Hastings, I visited the town and was reminded of the days when the Albert Memorial Clock Tower stood proudly in the centre.

People still refer to the memorial as a reference to that part of town even though the tower itself had to be demolished in the 1970s due to fire damage.

It is a real pity that nothing was ever built in the location to replace the memorial as it was a wonderful focal point for Hastings and features in many old photographs of the town.

As the country prepares to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, would it not be timely for Hastings to put up something in this location that commemorates all the people from Hastings who lost their lives in that war and all the conflicts since?

It would be a fitting tribute to Hastings servicemen and women who gave their lives for our freedom and also replace the landmark that the town has lacked since the memorial was removed.

I would not expect this to be funded fully from the cash-strapped coffers of the local council, but perhaps it could instigate it and seek donations and sponsorship from the local community and businesses who might support this addition to Hastings.


Claudius Grove


North Yorkshire