First Past Post fairer system

The Alternative Vote (AV) is by no means a fairer system of voting as Sue Tait suggests in her letter published in the Observer last week.

Under AV some votes count more than others. In a closely contested seat where no candidate achieves 50 per cent of the vote on the first count - votes for other parties are counted and reallocated two, three, four or more times over until a 50 per cent is achieved.

This means that a candidate who comes second, or further down the list in the first round can quite easily win the seat.

It is also important to remember that AV is not really Proportional Representation (PR).

It falls far short of best PR principles by giving a disproportionate influence to minority parties. It is no wonder that AV has been widely rejected by many countries apart from Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Our present system of First Past the Post is not perfect, but it is the fairer option on the table at the moment.

So come on Hastings, let’s turn out and give a resounding and decisive ‘NO’ to AV in the referendum on May 5.


Hoads Wood Road