First good news on The Ridge for a long time

At last, at last – hang out the flags: the first good news on The Ridge this century.

We were jubilant to learn from the Observer that the threatened 28 bus Sunday service is to be retained, for a year at least.

We enlisted our local and county councillors, our MP, local organisations, the press and our members to join the fight, as well as objecting formally via the ESCC consultation process. As chairman of PFARA may I take this opportunity to thank sincerely all of you who rallied to the battle cry and supported our effort to maintain this vital service?

The 28 bus is the only public transport available to residents of the eastern Ridge, Ore village and the West Hill to get to and from the Conquest Hospital. Therefore to remove this essential service on Sundays would deny a large part of the population of North Hastings access to their hospital, as patients or visitors. Illness takes no weekend breaks.

We may have won the battle, but we haven’t as yet won the war. All of you who depend on the 28 bus to reach the Conquest, Hastings station and the town centre please continue to keep your weapons to hand so that any plot to quietly delete the 28 from timetables can be dealt with effectively before it gets off the ground.

Erica Barrett


Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association (PFARA)