First aid sessions scaled down

WE have been planning a basic first aid training weekend on May 7 and 8 – 1066 lifeaid.

Despite our best efforts to attract the public to this free event we are sadly short of participants. We have come to the regrettable conclusion that we must reduce the sessions available.

The revised sessions are: Saturday May 7, William Parker School 10am to noon; Sunday, May 8, Bexhill High, 1pm to 3pm. The Battle session is cancelled (as to date there is only one person attending).

We did not expect that there would be such indifference to this free worthwhile training. I can only apologise to the pupils who have worked hard for this event. We will continue their training and hopefully they will be able to pass on their skills to other pupils.

If anyone wishes to book a place on the remaining sessions please contact me on 01424 221557.

A very disappointed,


1066 lifeaid