Firehills are now a quagmire of mud

Congratulations are due to Hastings Borough Council on its brilliant and far-sighted land management of the Firehills {situated at the far eastern end of the country park}.

With the use of gigantic Caterpillar diggers, vast areas of golden yellow gorse have been ripped up, transforming the famous and aptly names ‘Firehills’ into a quagmire of mud and roots closely resembling the wasteland.

Of course this long-term plan to ‘maintain and enhance the landscape’ will in the long run be of benefit to the foxes, badgers, rabbits, snakes and other wildlife who in the meantime experience this violent shake-up to their natural cliff top habitat, not to mention the possible speeding up of natural cliff erosion.

Re-assuring to know however that all this expensive work is being carried out under the auspices of the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme {HLS} whose superior expertise is of course beyond question.

F J Beck

Channel Way