Fire station can be preserved

LAST week the East Sussex Fire Authority met to discuss future savings that need to be made to local fire services.

East Sussex Fire Authority decided on consulting the public on a number of money saving measures, including - as a possibility, reductions to services at The Ridge Fire Station. Right now, no decision has yet been taken as the options are all up for consultation with the public.

As a Conservative I understand that cost savings need to be made, but it is clear to me these can be achieved without reductions to The Ridge Fire Station. We have already fought once to save The Ridge Fire Station services and we, the Conservatives, are ready to do so again.

Decisions about our local fire services are being made by Councillors and Fire Authority Members who, some of them, have never even been to Hastings - let alone know how residents in areas such as the Ashdown, Conquest, Malvern Way, Ore and the surrounding villages will be affected by any service reductions at The Ridge.

As leader of the Conservative Group on Hastings Borough Council I can understand the need to save money, which can be achieved with Option 2.B - without service reductions. I call on all residents in Hastings to support this campaign and join us in making sure the UKIP-chaired Fire Authority “Pick Option 2.B”.


Conservative Group Leader

Hastings Borough Council