Fire service duo will be sorely missed

LONG serving fire crew Bill and Kevin, what a team.

Almost all boys have a dream to either become a fireman or steam train engine driver. Mine was to work in quarries with big machines, and yes I did.

Bill and Kevin chose the fire service, and what a career they have had, congratulations and thanks to you both for making that decision.

But there is another side that these two stalwarts have shown to society not many will know about, let me explain.

Nearly every year at the Hastings Old Town Carnival there has been a fire engine (sounds better than appliance) in support. I got to know Bill way back, maybe before he chose to become fire crew, Kevin I have only known for a shorter period.

But their support to the carnival and bringing with them other fire crew members on the day has helped raise many hundreds of pounds for local charities. Tuesday evenings have often been training exercise at The Ridge station, summer or winter, and a summer’s evening has always been my opportunity to grab Bill or Kevin with a hearty hand shake and hear words like: “We know what you want, it’s carnival time again Bob.”

I say, and I’m not alone, that we are going to miss you boys. Let’s hope we have another Bill and Kevin to fill the gap.

On behalf of the people of Hastings, The Hastings Old Town Carnival Association, and myself, you’re going to be one hard act to follow. We must have a fire engine in the parade - see what you can do.


Carnival chairman

The Ridge