Fight this ‘complete waste of money’

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THE link road has now been given the go-ahead.

However, there is an old saying, ‘A Spratt to Catch a Mackrel’. The long-suffering residents of Bexhill Road will get relief from heavy traffic, although only temporarily.

The council has proposed to consider locating an incinerator at the bottom of their back gardens. Also the tip that will never close has applied to extend the landfill site which will jeopardise the country park.

For one extra treat, the Pebsham area has been suggested as a possible traveller site. These decisions have been in the pipeline for some time but were held back pending the decision on the link road.

As a result the pollution in St Leonards and Bexhill will be higher than ever. There should be questions asked as to why £100 million can be spent on this project when our pensioners are living in poverty and cannot afford to heat their homes.

If we, the residents of Bexhill and Hastings do not fight this complete waste of our money, our towns will become known as the rubbish tip of south east Sussex.


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