Far from reassured

I AM far from reassured by the disingenuous assurance of Roger Gale and the trivial comments of Amber Rudd that the citizens of Hastings will be able to continue to have an excellent service from the Post Office once it has been relocated in WH Smith.

Amber Rudd is delighted that WH Smith will now have an automatic door and that the Post Office will have a presence in the town centre.

It already has a presence, so what is there to be pleased about? She claims that once in the new premises it will ‘build on the services already provided’ without specifying in any way what those improvements will be.

If she has ever been into the Cambridge Road central branch at a busy time she would know that, although well-managed and orderly, the queues can be extensive even with five or six cashiers working hard.

If she has ever been in WH Smith at a busy time she will have experienced uncomfortable queues caught in the narrow aisles between the shelves with at best only two cashiers working. Now there is the prospect of both shoppers and Post Office clients vying for service. Is this what is meant by the Conservatives’ catch-phrase, “All in it together”?

Roger Gale is more realistic as he claims only that they will ‘maintain the same levels of service for our customers’. However, he offers nothing by way of explanation, merely asserting ‘it will be run by WH Smith High Street Ltd, rather than us’.

If there is not even the aspiration to improve why on earth are we to believe that this change is for the better.

Why aren’t these apologists honest enough to admit what we the public know; that this is yet another cost-cutting action designed to boost corporate profit at the expense of citizen service?


St Helens Wood Road