Fantastic staff who do their very best

I write regarding the NHS in Hastings and particularly the Conquest Hospital and my own GP, Dr James Searson of Warrior Square Surgery and the fantastic staff there who do their very best to help people while both under pressure and sometimes well-covered up anger of how they are treated and the doctors, nurses and other staff at the Conquest who all together offer a fantastic service, sometimes against all odds.

I have had nine months of health problems almost one after the other. Dr Searson has been here numerous times, including when I contracted norovirus, coincidentally the day after I was released from hospital earlier in the year. These people are human after all and not once did any of them act in a negative way.

So on Monday some of the hospital staff showed their feelings by taking four hours out as a token strike to show their true feelings about a government that is rapidly failing them more and more.

These people who work all hours are miracle workers just for that side of things. Not only that, they are highly skilled people who work to help the sick who have both physical and mental problems and I salute these people.

Regular letters readers of this fine publication will have seen that I was recently in hospital for four-and-a-half weeks with a heart valve problem. I am still getting ongoing daily visits from the district nurses to administer intravenous antibiotics and these ladies too are to be highly commended for their skills and expertise in the work that they do.

So the next time you want to have a moan about your doctor or nurses please do remember that these people are only human and they too have feelings and emotions, some with money problems, some with relationship problems, some with their own medical problems and so on but during their working hours they have to smile, be courteous and be at your service putting their skills into action just for you.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards