Eyesore should be removed

I have lived in Hastings for more than 30 years and the magnificent view as you come over the East Hill and look towards Ecclesbourne Glen has always been very close to my heart.

I’d heard stories about some building up there but it wasn’t till recently that I took the route over the tops and saw it for myself.

I’m not exaggerating to say I felt physically sick to see a view I’ve cherished for so long totally ruined by the new building, its ugliness made all the worse by the removal of the screening bushes and trees.

My reaction was a stunned mixture of disbelief and anger.

There is a lot of talk these days about ‘people power‘ but, though everyone I talk to on the subject is totally appalled by the monstrosity, it is still in place and the owners are actually going through the planning application process again.

Along with many others, I will be registering my objections to the application but I’m asking Observer readers to add your voices to the call from the town to have this eyesore removed and our unique country park restored to its unspoilt glory.

Bill Harris

West Hill