Excellent End of Pier Show

MAY I through your pages thank Matthew Wheeler and the BBC SE team for the excellent The End of the Pier Show broadcast last Friday night.

It was both educational and informative, and I am sure that many people now have a better understanding of the pier, and just what it means to so many people and why it is important for Hastings and St Leonards that it is replaced and become part of the facilities available in our town.

On a personal level, it was great fun working on this project as I am sure all the other local contributors will agree – however next time, can we please film in the summer?

More importantly, however, is the theme that heritage liabilities can be turned into heritage assets and how developers, local authorities, owners and planners should be thinking just this. We have some of the most wonderful heritage in the country in our town, and instead of just looking at some of this and concluding that it’s a liability, turn this on its head, and think – that’s a asset, what can be done to bring this back into the community.

The Hastings Pier Trust has shown that it can be done, I accept this is on a grand scale – but the pier was for many years seen as a liability, but now, it has been recognised as an asset. There is potential for smaller schemes that have equal importance to our environment.

The borough council has identified that our heritage is important to the regeneration of our town, and should be protected from unnecessary desecration. Now is the time to all share this view and support moves to ensure that these valuable heritage assets are protected.



Save Our Heritage Group