Excellent care at the Conquest

LAST week’s report concerning the lack of specialist facilities for this health district for stroke patients moves me to comment upon my own excellent care at the Conquest Hospital during the past year.

I experienced a stroke last August and was taken to the Conquest Hospital where I received expert emergency assessment and treatment led by a stroke registrar.

Afterwards I was admitted to the Egerton Ward which is dedicated to the care of male and female patients who have suffered strokes.

I remained on the ward for 12 days and cannot speak too highly of the treatment I received from the whole team of nurses, doctors and physio and occupational therapists.

I admire their expertise and I thank them again for their care.

I am pleased to see that additional resources are planned to enable more stroke patients to be treated in a specialist setting.

No doubt it all comes down to making agonising choices of expensive treatment priorities in a time when people live into old age surviving medical traumas that caused the much earlier deaths of previous generations.

That choice of priorities is one that we are all going to be involved in as the financial squeeze tightens.

I hope that the National Health Service will get the resources it needs to deliver the services we all want if and when a crisis arrives in our own lives.


Fern Road

St Leonards