EU money came from UK anyway

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Peter Saunders, Croft Road, Hastings

Council leader Peter Chowney regrets that a majority of us in Hastings voted to leave the EU (Observer, October 27).

He thinks we’ll regret the loss of EU grants. But he neglects to mention where the EU gets this money from in the first place.

If I demanded that Coun. Chowney gave me £1 every week, and I then gave him back 50p of his own money (with conditions attached about how he should spend it), would he think he was gaining or losing by walking away from this relationship?

It’s the same with the £3.6 million that your report claims Hastings has received from the EU since 2004.

British taxpayers have paid for all these handouts with our own money.

Coun. Chowney goes on to say the town’s fishing industry has benefited from £963,000 of “EU money” since 2013.

He neglects to mention how the UK fishing industry was sacrificed by Edward Heath when he took Britain into the EEC in 1973 and meekly signed up to a new ‘Common Fisheries Policy’ which hadn’t even existed before we applied to join. This gave away most of our historic fishing grounds and explains why the Hastings fishing fleet has halved in size during our EU membership.

A University of Aberdeen survey found 92 per cent of UK fishermen voted Leave in last year’s referendum. They understood the damage that’s been done to their industry by EU membership. It’s a shame Coun. Chowney seems so unaware of it.

The councillor hopes the decision to leave will eventually get reversed by another referendum, yet David Cameron made it clear when he called the referendum that the result would be final and binding.

It’s disturbing that the leader of our council finds it so difficult to accept the result of a democratic vote in which more than 17 million of his fellow citizens decided to get out.