Ethical questions

Loaded language can also be used with great effect and remain unnoticed for long periods of time. It was enlightening to read Keith Leech’s letter (December 14th) in which he rebranded the ‘link road’ to the more accurately named ‘Combe Valley Industrial Park and Housing Estate’.

In March, the Growing Places regeneration fund gave Hastings a £8.5m grant, £1.5 million of it is to be spent on the North Queensway Industrial Estate access road and junction. Regeneration is also used by both East Sussex and Hastings Borough Council as a name for projects and strategies. The word defines itself as something obviously good and therefore discourages critical analysis. It should mean urban renewal such as the attempt to reinvigorate a run-down urban area. However, there is good regeneration and bad, the quality is dependent upon the evaluation of the project.

We should question the ethicality of spending this money to build part of a link road against so many taxpayers wishes and especially since this it affects the Marline Valley Woods SSSI and Sussex Wildlife Trust opposed it. Additionally, providing the money before the planning application has been submitted seems somewhat odd!


Boyne Road