Entrance fees

SO the Seafood and Wine Festival now has to charge entrance and next year there will be no excellent Stade Saturdays because the Government has cut the subsidy it gives Hastings.

The solution to the problem is there staring us in the face. Make the Stade Open Space pay for itself. Most days it stands as an empty windswept waste of space not exactly earning its keep.

Yet still many of the town’s best events happen in the Old Town where we all know parking is at a premium. So why not when it is not being used for events use it as a car park? The revenue gained would help pay for the events, the Old Town businesses would be happy, the people coming to use those businesses would be happy, we keep great events on The Stade paid for by the parking revenue. A win-win and not exactly rocket science.

I am told by the council that this isn’t possible because of an undertaking not to use the space as a car park. An undertaking with who? Certainly not residents, visitors or local businesses and in these austere times hardly good sense.

I challenge the council to tell us precisely why it is preferable to keep the space empty than to make it pay its keep.


Collier Road