Encouragement to downsize

I CAN’T see what’s so wrong with the idea of a bedroom tax.

Why should hard-working men and women pay for those living less within their means to have a spare room? Let’s remember that this tax will apply to people who are claiming benefits from the state for the place where they live.

If I have a spare room, stuffed full of my own stuff, never actually used as a bedroom (I’ve seen many of such rooms, hey, I had one myself), then why shouldn’t I be encouraged to either find a smaller place to live, more within my means, or if I’m not happy with my on average £14 a week reduction in benefit, try to find a way of supplementing the cost?

I’m pretty sure that I’m allowed to earn £14 each week without declaring and thus affecting my other benefits. When I did take a two-bedroom flat from the council, if I’d known that there would be a reduction in benefit, I may have hung on for a one-bedroom flat instead.

I don’t get this idea that everybody can just have exactly what they want, whether they work hard or do nothing all day. Who is to pay for all this fairness?

I see a lot of concerns for the homeless, I share some myself. Could this not help make rooms available? Could I have taken in a lodger back then? I wouldn’t want to, but hey, if I knew that if I didn’t, my extra room would come at an extra cost, then I would at least know the consequences.

This may actually help some people to start thinking for themselves and maybe set up their own little businesses and try to be more self-reliant if not self-sustaining.

Of course there are areas where appeals should be considered. I’m not completely heartless.

What am I missing?


Milward Road