Empty houses are ‘unforgivable’

RE: the article highlighting run-down properties (Observer, December 9), yes, it is utterly disgraceful and should not have been allowed to happen.

But what of the late 1066 Housing Association? It decamped more than 100 tenants out of good housing on false promises and hopes to tenants, many that had lived in their properties for many years, at The Cheviots, Cotswold Close, Upper Broomgrove Road, Farley Bank, and more recently Fellows Road, only for these properties to be demolished and the land of concern just left idle.

Some sites have been up for sale and then been up for auction on two occasions. This was from 2003/04 and here it is, nearly 2012 and the lands are still idle.

It’s a disgrace when friends, neighbours and families all got split up, when we could have all been left where we were and many to enjoy twilight years, aggrieved at what occurred.

I’ll never forget nor forgive, especially when the last Labour MP for Hastings and Rye also had a hand in the promises made to tenants.

All should hang their heads in shame.


Malvern Way