Elections –vote N02AV?

THE ‘Yes’ campaign received far more coverage than the ‘No’ campaign in last week’s Observer article after the AV referendum.

The present system of voting is nice and straightforward. Everybody has just one vote. Those who vote for extreme parties are likely to be counted more times than anyone else.

A candidate that finishes third on the first vote can steal the election.

The vote for Labour leadership was a classic example.

Only three countries in the world use AV – Figi, Australia and Papua New Guinea. I believe Fiji is to return to first past the post shortly.

The actual counting process is complicated and can take ages and often leads to coalitions, so manifesto pledges are then not often seen in the plans of such governments.

The counting process would cost the country many millions and would take a number of days. Then if no party obtains a majority, there are anxious days waiting while a coalition agreement is put together.

I encourage everyone to vote No2AV


Belmont Road