Efforts of ‘moaners’ got results

I WOULD like to thank all the petitioners, Marina Stores, Tao Hair Studio, Earls Bakery, Councillor Matthew Beaver and the Observer for their enthusiastic support of our campaign for the removal of the glass recycling bins in Grosvenor Gardens.

This was a team effort involving over 100 photographs, research in sound levels, collecting signatures and canvassing opinions of a cross-section of people, residents, students, artists, shop keepers and visitors. Without exception the major concern was the unsightly vision of the bins together with the fly tipping on a prime seafront. Of course residents objected to the noise but they are a minority compared to the people we canvassed. We also suggested other sites that might be possible, away from both residential area and the seafront which the council took on board.

The council listened to us, appreciated our concern for the seafront and our efforts in finding another site and have agreed to remove the bins within 31 days. It was a calm and open discussion that ended with a positive result.

Our desire to protect the vision of West St Leonards seafront goes beyond our line of duty and we are proud of that. So Ms Elaine Fais (Observer letters, August 26) remain in your vision of a concrete jungle, we don’t actually need you.


Grosvenor Gardens