Easter traffic at a standstill

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EASTER Sunday afternoon’s weather looked not too unpleasant so my husband and I decided to take our two grandchildren to the Old Town and visit the Blue Reef aquarium and local attractions.

It took us 45 minutes to travel from the beginning of Rock-a-Nore Road to the car park, turn around and return to the seafront. During this journey we had lots of opportunities to discuss the life and the universe with visitors in cars queueing to go in the opposite direction.

The vast majority were singularly unimpressed with the traffic flow, traffic lights and the fact that the car park was gridlocked when you did get that far. We are not traffic experts but it would seem that the main culprit in all this is not enough parking and the new traffic lights.

Could there not be a multi storey car park built at Rock-a-Nore? Especially now we also have the major visitor attraction of the Jerwood Gallery there too?

If this is a foretaste of what will happen during the May and June Bank holidays and the summer season proper, I dread to think how Hastings reputation as a welcoming place to visit will fare.


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