Dropped ball over power debacle

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THE article about the latest power debacle raises two points (Observer, Sept 9). First that the whole programme should have been properly project managed by Hastings Borough Council (HBC), as part of which the provision of necessary utilities should have been properly researched.

Clearly this hasn’t happened or else the whole issue of land ownership would have been dealt with very early on.

Instead we find the local residents footing the bill for the mess. This is particularly ironic after the recent debate on local government salaries when Cllr Birch told us that the council paid good rates to attract good staff, a real shame that didn’t work in this case.

All the talk of ‘red tape’ is extremely disingenuous to distract from HBC’s responsibilities in the matter.

Secondly, Mr Boorman shouldn’t be allowed to get away with his claim that HBC is the effective owners of foreshore trust property.

Being the trustee, is not the same thing as being the owner, and council officers should be challenged for addressing it in this way, otherwise it won’t be long before we’re back to half-baked ideas about building hotels on the foreshore.


Beauport Gardens

St Leonards