Drinkers, smokers, set a bad example

WE took our two small girls to their first Hastings carnival on Saturday and they enjoyed it.

Being only two and four years old they just see the bright colours and people dressed up in various outfits and found it fun.

My husband and I saw it completely differently.

We saw people looking miserable although they were moving to jolly tunes. We also saw lots of carnival participants drinking and smoking. Why?

Was it entirely necessary; surely they could all go without for just a few hours?

It doesn’t exactly set a good example, especially when there are so many children involved. Also it was a bit dubious on whether some of the people that were drinking and smoking were of legal age.

It is bad enough that we have to listen to people swearing next to us, we were hoping the people in the carnival would have set a better example.

We are just glad that our children are at an age when they are still oblivious of all this.


Bexhill Road

St Leonards