Dream jobs?

I TRY to resist catch-phrases but I have had Victor Meldrew’s ‘I don’t believe it!’ ringing in my head for weeks. The Priory Quarter and Trinity Triangle schemes in Havelock Road are going ahead for new blocks of offices.

This makes no sense with so much existing space in the development never used; with plummeting values for commercial property and no occupiers.

The charming Havelock Mansions is now demolished and new hoardings are up. Posters say things like: ‘Prestigious new offices. Companies moving in - including Saga Insurance creating 800 jobs‘.

I am always ‘talking Hastings up’ but there is no way Saga employs 800 people in Hastings. Other text reads: ‘Latest exciting Priory Quarter development - underway now. 24,500sqft of high quality offices. Space for over 350 jobs’; ‘Further 37,000sqft of offices to follow. Space for 900 more jobs’.

Is anybody asking: Where do all these jobs come from, how do they get here, and when?

Greetings to everyone at the Observer for a Happy New Year.


Grove Road