Double yellows will affect trade

I READ with great alarm about the plans to introduce double yellow lines through the centre of Ore.

Ore is a village that has continued to thrive throughout very difficult economic times. Not only is there a great selection of shops and services and a thriving local community we also have the annual Ore in Bloom.

Where else can boast three successful pharmacies in one road, and what I understand to be one of the most successful KFCs in the entire UK.

This is a thriving shopping area which serves residents from Ore and also those living in Fairlight and along The Ridge, many of whom need to drive to the local shops.

There is a Co-op car park which is available for customers of that shop, but for most people there is a consensus that as long as you avoid bus stops, and park sensibly, you can pop in and out of the shops in a few minutes and support your local retailers.

One does question the sudden ‘need’ for these new parking regulations and the arrival of the new Tesco. One ‘might’ suggest that the new retailer, wanting to ensure that all its construction (and then) delivery trucks will get in unimpeded, has pressurised the council to change the parking around the new shop.

The residents of Ore and the other retailers will suffer as a direct result of double yellow lines. The council has let Tesco into a village that doesn’t need it - perhaps either the council or Tesco can suggest where everyone should now park their cars?

The council should be giving local traders all the support they can get, rather than letting big business push them around. Stop the parking changes in Ore or risk ruining one of Hastings’ success stories.


Deeson & Deeson