Don’t sell the number plate

How dare the borough council even consider selling the unique number plate, DY 1.

And for what, just to make a few quid on the side? Or to help with costs to knock a hole through the wall at the town hall. A big mistake indeed. £200,000 in fact.

But I give them their dues, those chaps and chappies certainly know how to spend our hard-earned cash.

If my memory serves me right this plate was given to Hastings by the Hollingsworth family “The Ford Motor dealers in Havelock Road and Braybrooke Road”.

If I’m wrong, okay, but it does not alter the fact that this belongs to Hastings and where it should stay is on the Mayor’s car. DY 1066 should also stay in town.

So you can forget about a sell-off on that one too.


The Ridge