Don’t let roads wreck our cars

IN light of the ever increasing deterioration of the town’s roads - now is the time for a competition to identify the worst of the poor lot and I would suggest Tower Road in St Leonards, which now challenges the best suspension and steering around.

It was particularly enhanced on Monday morning by that other special feature that advertises Hastings so well - seagulled bin bags and pavements submerged under the previous week’s left overs.

Two thoroughly avoidable scandals which nobody in authority seems remotely interested.

Most Hastings and St Leonards residents must surely prefer roads that don’t wreck their cars and pavements that don’t resemble a badly managed landfill site. Decent roads and secure street rubbish storage facilities don’t seem a lot to ask for.

Perhaps the seagulls could be trained into filling the potholes with the contents of those ravaged bin bags once they finish pecking their way through them?


Wellis Gardens

St Leonards