Don’t let our town lose this opportunity

I REFER to the story in the Observer on February 15 about the derelict garage site in Braybrooke Road.

Quite clearly we can’t see the Old Town anyway and to obtain just a glimpse of the Channel I would have to stand on the very edge of my curtilage.

I have lived in this house for more than 25 years and it was always anticipated that the view would be lost.

Indeed, as I pointed out, the house was built back to front in the anticipation of the loss of view – (the kitchen is at the front of the house).

I would like to clarify that I meant to say was ‘Of course we’d prefer not to lose the view but have always been aware that we would.’

I would also like to clarify my comments about social housing. I said was that there was already a lot of empty and poor quality social housing along with empty flats over shops and that should be rectified before any more one and two-bedroom flats were built and that Hastings was already over supplied with such accommodation.

Since then I’ve heard on the news that Maidstone is demolishing a whole estate of one-and two-bedroom flats and replacing them with family units. I also said that at the last so-called consultation on the redevelopment of the site, the majority of local residents preferred to have the site, ugly and undeveloped as it was rather than the hideous overdevelopment that we would be stuck with for the rest of our lives.

I suppose what I am complaining about is the inference that I am only concerned with me and my personal outlook whereas what I am really concerned about is the impact of an inappropriate development on the neighbourhood, the town and beyond.

Here is an opportunity to provide decent family housing, a decent profit to the developer and a townscape we can be proud of, we’ve got one chance to get this right and I don’t want the town to lose that opportunity.


Braybrooke Road